How To Find the Perfect DJ

by Ryan Dubree of Complete Weddings + Events

I’ve heard a saying, “If you have a bad cake at a reception, you have a bad cake. If you have a bad DJ, you have a bad reception.” It’s one of my favorite things to explain the value of a DJ at wedding but if you already see the importance then maybe it’s time to look at the next step. Finding the perfect DJ can be as easy a few simple tips to look for:

  • Invest in the person not the equipment – It’s important to understand that the DJ him or herself is the person running your reception. Are they an experienced Emcee or are they just a glorified Ipod hiding behind 10,000 dollars’ worth of equipment? 
  • What Do their reviews say? – Do the reviews just have 5 out 5’s/talk about the perfect playlist or do they go in depth with the service they provide? Find someone who believes in going above and beyond and loves it when clients tell them when they do. 
  • Meet with Them Before Your wedding! – I’m all for making processes simpler but meeting/talking with your DJ before your wedding or when you book them will remove a lot of stress. 

My favorite weddings I have personally DJ’d is with the clients I connect most with. They believed in the brand, we got along before booked and after we met, and most importantly they trusted me. It makes a huge difference when your wedding a smash hit that your guests talk about. You can have the wedding that everyone had the best time at and it always starts by picking your perfect DJ.